Symptoms of Hip Problems Experienced by Patients

29/08/2013 00:57

The problems with the hip joint is becoming more common as lifestyle diseases start to rise, medical reports say, patients try to find means to alleviate the pain before they consider going through a hip replacement surgery. There are about one in every four individuals that will experience hip pain all throughout their lives because of hip arthritis, according to the report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The problem with hip pain is that it may prevent the person from supporting their whole weight. The quality of life of these individuals is put at lessened because of the pain that limits their movement which may push them to undergo a hip implantation surgery, although there were several Biomet hip replacement problems that were reported.

Pain might be the most striking symptom of hip arthritis but there are also other symptoms that may point to this medical problem. Patients may experience a variety of symptoms that will prevent them from doing their daily activities.

Here are the following signs may also point to hip arthritis:

-      Joint stiffness – the stiffness may often be felt during long periods of rest when the joint is not mobile which leads to patients avoiding movement, there are some individuals who become bed-ridden due to the pain and stiffness. Some patients may need walking aids to help them get through the pain during movement. In some cases wherein the joint is severely damaged, the surgeon may propose a hip replacement surgery, especially when the hip is already fused together.

-      Redness and welling – the redness and swelling of the joint is also visible as it becomes inflamed. This is often warm and tender to touch and may cause limitations in movement.

-      Limping – walking is often difficult as the pain and stiffness which makes men and women who are affected by this health condition may limp from time to time. This is ,a way for the body to cope with the pain by avoiding adding more pressure to the damaged joint.

Managing these symptoms may be done through medications, modifications in activities, exercise and physical therapy. However, the cost of healthcare for the management of hip arthritis is rising steadily that many are looking for a long-term solution to their debilitating hip problems. Hip replacement operations have been found to improve the movements of those suffering from hip problems but there were some problems that were reported by patients that were even presented by a Biomet hip lawyer in court.


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